• Beauty Muse is an award winning book about awakening to Nature through our creativity. Easy-to-try painting activities, inspiring narrative and beautiful images invite the reader to develop a Creative Nature Connection practice to call their own.
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 “Lisa Lipsett demonstrates a full knowledge of the higher purposes of art, the deeper meanings of the relationship between humans and all the rest of creation, and how artistic processes can bring a more profound communion between the two.”                                                                      -Art therapist and educator Peter London, author of Drawing Closer to Nature

BEAUTY MUSE: Painting in Communion with Nature

by Lisa Lipsett 
This beautiful award winning book artfully weaves- creative process, vibrant images, easy-to-try painting activities and inspiring quotes from writers in ecology and creativity- with the author’s own story, offering you an opportunity to:
Explore artful personal transformation naturally
Discover the connecting power of resonant seeing
Develop a Creative Nature Connection  practice of your own
Trust the creative wisdom of your hands
Nurture a deep connection with life
Environmental educators eager to explore creativity and personal transformation, artists interested in ways to bring art-making back to its living roots and everyone aspiring to live more creatively, harmoniously and naturally will be inspired by Beauty Muse. This book is especially valuable to parents and teachers committed to honouring and preserving children’s natural impulse to create.

An engaging, affirming set of tools and activities for awakening to Nature through our own creativity.”                                        -Starhawk